Preparations for the holiday season are in full effect. This is your chance to attract new customers and grow your business. As James Cooper of Convoboss advises, “use Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads whereby the call-to-action is ‘Send Message’, driving users into a conversation with a chatbot — this can increase ROAS by 3-5x over that of click-to-website ads.”

Just in time for the holiday, we're proud to offer support for Click to Messenger Ads with a pre-templated messaging campaign to distribute coupon codes. In this article, we'll show you how to go live with your Click to Messenger Campaign in 3 steps.

How to create a Click to Messenger Campaign:

Step 1. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a Facebook Ad. Choose 'Messages' as Campaign Objective.

Setup your Click to Messenger Ad and select your audience targeting, placements, budget like you do with normal Facebook Ads. The main difference is that you choose Messenger as the destination.

Note: read our practical tips for CTM Ad creation later in this article.

Step 2. Setup your message template with our Shopify app. Select Advanced Setup and click on Edit.

Now, go to our Shopify app to get the JSON. Click to Copy to get the JSON.

Return to your Facebook Ad Manager to paste the JSON into the Advanced JSON Setup. Click on Save and Finish.

Step 3. Go live with your campaign. Click on the Publish button. You're ready to start attracting new customers and boost your ROAS 🥳.

Before you do, check our practical tips:

  • Use the Messages objective to optimize the delivery of your ads: This objective optimizes to show ads to people more likely to respond to your business in Messenger.

  • Advertisers should use the Conversions objective if they're tracking events with a Facebook pixel and driving conversions event at scale.

  • Set expectations that your ad will open a conversation: Add text, images, and CTAs to set expectations for a conversation with your business. Explain that the discount code will be received in Messenger.

  • Set up an engaging greeting for people after they click on your ad: Use our template to set up a welcome experience that encourages customers to start a conversation with your business.

  • Measure engagement in Facebook's Ad Manager and sales inside Shopify: Make sure to create a unique discount code in your Shopify dashboard and select this discount code in our Shopify app. This way you can easily track sales results for this campaign.

Here are some good examples of notable Facebook advertisers. If you're still unsure, then make sure to read Facebook's five ways to improve your CTM campaign.

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