With the latest update, the Chat Plugin has become faster, lighter and more accessible. Now, customers can also chat with you when they are not logged into Facebook. During testing, we found that businesses that use the new Chat Plugin saw a 45% increase in customer inquiries.

All Shopify stores that use our app for WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing now have immediate access to the new Messenger Chat Plugin. Simply open our Shopify app dashboard and navigate to our Chat Plugin section. Here you can activate the Messenger Chat Plugin.

If you have already activated the Messenger Chat Plugin then this latest update is automatically done for you. If the guest mode status has not been activated for your Facebook page then please follow these steps to activate this new feature.

First, navigate to your Facebook page settings and open the messaging section. Here you can click 'Get Started' right next to 'Add Messenger to your website'.

This will open a dialogue where you can activate the Guest Mode Status.

Make sure to activate switch Guest Mode Status to "On" and complete the steps by clicking next until you are done. No code needs to be pasted anywhere. Activating guest mode is done automatically by our Shopify app once you have switch the Guest Mode Status to "On".

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