Until now, more than 2,000 Shopify stores have installed our app. Getting to this point and continuously improving our app took over a year of hard work. To help us improve our app even further we welcome you to try our newly released premium plan.

Once unlocked, you will be able to customize and translate all content used for your Messenger growth tools and campaigns. Before, this wasn’t possible. This means that our Shopify app can now be used by any store, in any language!

What are the premium features?

  • Edit Checkbox Text (new)

  • Edit Welcome Message (new)

  • Edit Shipping Notifications (new)

  • Edit Cart Reminders*

Edit Checkbox Text (New)

Now you can edit the text used by our checkbox plugin. 

Edit Welcome Message (New)

Adjust the welcome message to your own tone of voice or store language.

Edit Shipping Notifications (New)

Update customers about the status of their order in their own language.

Edit Cart Reminders

Trigger customers to restore their cart and complete their purchase.

*If you're an existing customer on the free plan and wish to continue using the edit cart reminders feature then please write a short reply and we'll unlock this feature for 14 days. For free!

Planned Premium Features

We look forward to welcome you to our premium plan and have exciting new features scheduled for release during the coming weeks:

  • Welcome Message Trigger via Checkbox

  • Welcome Message Trigger via Facebook Ads

  • Grow your Contact List via Facebook Ads

  • Advanced Settings for Checkbox 

Whenever you are ready, simply hit upgrade and you'll unlock our premium features 👏. 

As always, we're keen to receive feedback. Tell us what you're missing and how we can help. 

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