We've been really eager to start offering WhatsApp related features. Today we announce the release of our first WhatsApp feature, a pre-designed WhatsApp plugin that works seamlessly with the WhatsApp web and mobile app client. 

Simply add your WhatsApp phone number and activate the plugin.

This embarks our first entrance into WhatsApp with our Shopify App. At the same time we continue to strengthen our set of Messenger templates:

Shipping Notifications

Shipping notifications are a no-brainer as they perfectly tie in with Facebook's messaging policy and your existing customer journey. This means that Facebook won't set any limits on how many messages you can send and until when you can send them. 

As soon as the order is placed, everyone whom opted in for Messenger updates through of our 3 growth tools (e.g chat plugin, checkbox, popup) will receive the shipping notifications. 

All shipping events are listed below. When your carrier updates the order status to a specific shipping event then we will also inform the customer:

Confirmed: Your package 📦 is ready to be shipped, you can expect it soon 🏠.
In transit
: Your shipment is on its way
Out for delivery: Your shipment is out for delivery. It will arrive soon.
Attempted delivery: We were not able to successfully deliver the shipment. Please contact the carrier.
Ready for pickup: The shipment is ready for pickup at a shipping depot.
Delivered: Your shipment was delivered today.
Failure: Something went wrong with your shipment. Please contact us.

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