We ended July with a ton of feedback from Shopify stores. This inspired us to launch the following new features & improvements:

1. Messenger Checkbox

Go to our app dashboard and switch on the Messenger checkbox. It will appear above your add to cart button on each product page and is a great way to increase the % of visitors that opt-in for Messenger. Check our demo page for a live preview.

2. Cart Reminder Sequence

A great way to easily increase your abandoned cart recovery rate is through the use of followup messages. If visitors didn't complete their purchase after the 1st cart reminder, then you can now also send a 2nd and 3rd cart reminder. Data and experience shows that this can be an incredibly efficient way to increase your abandoned cart recovery rate. 

3. Popup Analytics

Before, you were only able to see results from our Cart Reminder campaign on Messenger. What we learned is that our Messenger Popup as a standalone product can also drive sales by being an efficient way to distribute coupon code. Now, you can also see how many orders were placed with the coupon code after visitors opted in for Messenger. This includes all the sales we touched, including orders placed after clicking on the Cart Reminder message.

During Messenger's last update in June they announced the following:

Starting August 15, 2019, updated versions of the Messenger app will no longer support Vertical list templates. Vertical list templates will render as horizontal scrollable carousel template post August 15th.

We have prepared the change on our end. This means that products in your basket are shown as a carousel. You can now check out the new preview inside our app.

Multiple products in your basket will be shown as a carousel in messenger. Whenever the call-to-action button has been tapped then the complete basket will be restored.

5. New App Page Languages 

Our Shopify app page is now available in 4 new languages:

🇫🇷 https://apps.shopify.com/maxwell?locale=fr 🇫🇷

🇪🇸 https://apps.shopify.com/maxwell?locale=es 🇪🇸

🇩🇪 https://apps.shopify.com/maxwell?locale=de 🇩🇪

Portuguese (Brazil)
🇧🇷 https://apps.shopify.com/maxwell?locale=pt-BR 🇧🇷

6. Contacts Count, Notifications, Ranking

We improved our contacts page and added:

  • Ranking from newest to oldest

  • A total count indicator 

  • Notifications when new contacts are added

Do you have any feature requests? 

Leave us a comment with your request and we'll keep you posted.

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