To help you grow your Messenger contacts we offer a popup. You can configure and preview the popup inside our Shopify app. In this article I'll explain the ins and outs through an example. 

For my store I want to show the coupon popup selectively and not offer everyone immediately access to a 10% off discount code. Therefore I choose to go for the following settings:

  • Display the popup after 5 seconds;

  • From the 3rd page visit;

  • Show the popup 3 times

  • Waiting 3 days before showing the popup again;

  • Only show the popup on product pages

Let's use this example and configure the settings together.

On the left-hand panel, notice the popup settings

Click on this to go to the settings page. 

Here you can decide when, where and how often to display the popup. 

First, you can decide after how many seconds you want to show the popup. Click on the icon next to After X Seconds

Here you can change the number of seconds to align with your preferences. 

As illustrated in the example, we decided to wait 5 seconds. So lets set the number to 5 seconds. 

Note: loading the popup script in your store causes a few seconds delay. Therefore make sure to include a 3 seconds delay into your calculation.

The second option After X Page Visits lets you decide on which page visit to show the popup. 

In this example we decided to show the popup on the 3rd page visit. This means that the shopper has to visit 3 different pages in your store before we show the popup. 

The third option Show X Times enables you decide how often to show the popup. In addition, you'll be able to wait for a certain amount of days before the popup is shown again. 

For my store we decided to show the popup 3 times and wait 3 days between every time the popup is shown. So lets configure the setting accordingly. 

In the last step - Show on Specific Pages - we configure where the popup is shown. We set the popup to only show on product pages as we initially decided upon. 

Alternative setting: trigger popup on exit intent

You can also trigger our popup based on exit intent. This means that the popup is triggered when the shopper navigates to the address bar and is likely to leave your store. Here's how that looks like.

Go to the popup settings page in our Shopify app to configure the exit intent. 

This feature is only available for the desktop version of our popup and is compatible with our other settings. 

On mobile devices, you'll be able to trigger the popup after a fixed amount of seconds.

With that we have come to the end of this article. We have designed our powerful popup settings for simplicity and look forward to hear what you think.

Just leave a comment If you have any feedback or wishes 👏. 

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