First, click on “coupon pop-up” and edit the fields. Consider adding an image to improve the branding of your popup.

You want to make sure that all the required fields are filled in.
For the discount code field, make sure to first have created the code in Shopify.

While running the campaign, make sure that the code is activated and valid.
Also, consider adding an image to improve the branding of your popup.
Step two is to create your cart reminder message.

When writing the copy for your message, try creating a sense of urgency.
Given the high read rates of Messenger, shoppers are very likely to read your message.
So give them something to act on NOW rather than later.
When shoppers hit the call-to-action button, we’ll redirect them back to their shopping cart.
All their abandoned items will be back in their cart and we’ll automatically have applied the discount code.
In the third and final step, switch on your coupon popup and cart reminder message.
Double-check to make sure no fields have been left blank.
Simply move the toggle. It’ll turn green for go! ✅

Congrats! 🎉
You’ve completed the process of going live with your Messenger Campaign.

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